My mouths are so enormis | 07/08/07

Look at my big-mouthed dog. Her mouths are so enormis.

Another Sunday, another humiliating poker game. Tim joined us from Thomasville and within about 90 minutes he and I were playing some Narnia game on the Playstaion 2. We were misled into thinking it would a fighting game (I called the Lion and Tim called the Wardrobe right off the bat) but really you were just some kids beating up furniture for coins. Jamie *almost* won back-to-back games but was ultimately thwarted by Ian who finally, and I do mean finally, won a game.

Week 14
1) Ian (JB,CE)
2) Jamie (RH)
3) Chris (MC,TB)
4) Mike
5) Renee
6) Tim

PCS Rankings:
1) Mike (2.80)
2) Chris (2.93)
3) Ian (3.21)
4) Jamie (4.09)
5) Renee (4.46)
6) Christen (4.77)
7) Tim (6.5)




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