2007 Home Run Derby | 07/09/07

With the All-Star game on Tuesday I had no baseball to watch except the Home Run Derby. It's cool to see all of the homeruns at first but the novelty kind of wears off by hour three. I'm not sure why it needs to be so long. Before the game the Counting Crows put up a really lackluster performance. By far the worst part of the game is listening to announcer Chris Berman, possibly the third most annoying sports announcing personality after the two White Sox announcers. Actually Chris Berman might actually be second after Hawk Harrelson. Darrin Jackson, while annoying, at least is capable of sitting quietly sometimes.

I love the All-Star game although I could live without it determining which league gets to host the World Series. Obviously, it doesn't matter a whole for the Cubs but still. It's an exhibition game and I don't think it should be worth anything at all. It doesn't seem fair to task the manager to use every player AND win the game. If your starting pitcher has two innings of no-hit ball and you're trying to win you should leave him in. But no. Not in Bud Selig's All-Star world.




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