Kathy's 12 of 12 | 07/12/07

Here are Kathy's 12 of 12. Let's get right to it!
1) 8:40am Breakfast: cheerios with a sliced nectarine, yum!

2) 9:05am Morning commute, bleh.

3) 12:00pm Leaving work

4) 12:30pm Lunch & Sex and the City

5) 2:45pm Going through my old lesson plans to prepare for my interview

6) 3:45pm Online canasta with Mike

7) 4:30pm Lake and Titan chowing down

8) 7:15pm Dinner at Border Cafe with Becky

9) 8:45pm Smitty!

10) 9:30pm Watching "Taxi Driver" with Chris

11) 11:30pm Chris doing dishes

12) 11:35pm Bedtime reading: "Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner

Bonus from Florida: A special dog getting drunk on petting.


Beth (Unknown)

Great pics! :)

KBS (Unknown)

I'm so glad Chompy made it into my 12 of 12 bonus - yay Chompy! Thanks for letting me do a guest post - it was fun.

Jamie (Unknown)

I see the bottle of wine I got you on the counter...was it any good?

KBS (Unknown)

I was hoping you'd notice that, Jamie! Yes, it was good. I liked it more than Chris did. I also used some of it in a pasta dish that I made, and that was quite tasty. Thanks again!

Mike (Unknown)

I just noticed from your cereal bowl that we have the same issue of flatware.

KBS (Unknown)

I can't believe you just said "same issue of flatware."

Chad (Unknown)

Thanks for doing it... but did I put down the wrong name on my website? Who is Mike?! -C

Mike (Unknown)

Hey Chad! We are big fans. It is my (Mike) blog. Kathy won a lyrics contest a few days ago and her prize was doing a guest entry; she chose to do this month's 12 of 12. I wasn't sure how to indicate that in your comments so I took my best guess :)



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