Unhappy Feet | 07/17/07

Stop the presses. I can't walk. Seriously, the sunburn on my feet is so bad that I've been crawling around instead of even attempting to walk upright. Yesterday morning, of course, I have to take the dog to the vet for her yearly check-up. After crawling down the stairs I let her out and by the time she was ready to come in, I was safely standing, braced against the mini-island I use to hold the two plants Marty gave me (Jamie actually, but she ended up not wanting them). I struggle to let the dog back in and when she trots in, she puts all 54lbs of her stegosaurus-like weight right down in the middle of my foot. I'm not sure how loudly I screamed but I think it woke the dead. Had she not run away like the wind, I probably would have killed her right then and there.

The vet was fine--I have a healthy pup who needs to eat a little less. I spent the rest of the day working on a clothing website. I also got to see new Cubs catcher Jason Kendall absolutely suck. Can we have Barrett back now? Yeah, everyone hated him but at least he would get out of the crouch to try to catch foul balls.




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