Mike the Fisherman | 07/16/07

Didn't Primus write a song about me? Oh, that was John. I went fishing for the first real time in my life at Jamie's brother-in-law's family's house down in Alligator Point. We spent the morning on a boat and I learned how to cast. I only hooked an on-board chair once so that was pretty good. The gas station where I was supposed to buy bait was out of shrimp so we went out with lures instead. I can only liken this to someone trying to catch me by running around with a fork. What incentive do I have to bite onto a fork? It was fun boating around but we ended up going back to the dock where I was introduced to chopping up bait. I managed to not barf while cutting up fish (barely) and after a few more hours I landed my first fish--a baby black-tip reef shark. Cool. By the time we finished cutting the hook out and taking a couple rolls of film to document my manliness he might have been close to dead but he managed to swim away just fine, no worse for the wear. Aside from being a little sunburned it was a lot of fun. And I'm now a man. So that's cool.




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