History of Music Theory | 12/06/03

After staying up until 5am Friday night, I finished my HoMT paper today around 6pm. All that's left is for me to copy some examples from the original treatise into my paper, since putting all 22 4-example examples would have taken a week to create. After I finished my paper I finished my Madden 2000 season instead of studying for for my final. I was able to win the Superbowl (42-3) in a blowout after a nail biter in the NFC Championship game (28-27). Jamie came over and we ate the celebratory pizza while watching the end of the OU/Kansas State game. Every year there seems to be a huge BCS controversy and every year it seems like it will be the year when all the teams do what they're supposed to do and everyone will hold parades for the BCS staff and we all laude them for their magnificent idea. Maybe next year. With OU losing, it's now a crapshoot over who is going to the Sugar Bowl. FSU isn't going, so I could really care less. I don't want to USC to go because they were mean to me when I visited them. Those elitist bastards. I have some friends who did their undergrad at LSU so I guess I'm rooting for them to go. And they have a cute mascot. After the game, we brought Chompy and The Ab to Matt's new house off Victory Garden so play with his dog, Sally, while the rest of us celebrated his 30th birthday. Happy birthday, Matt. Matt was blitzed by the time we got there but the dogs had a great time. Chompy exerted herself as the dominant one and the other dogs chased each other. Ginny's dog, Mr. Tod(d) was there too. Despite easily being the biggest (and the only male) he made no attempt to corral the other three smaller dogs and rolled onto his back if Chompy got within 5 feet of him. Sally definitely came out of her shell last night. She was no match for The Ab, though, who, despite being very nice, was so energetic all Sally could do was bark in her general direction. Tomorrow is basketball/HoMT exam-study-day.




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