P-P-P-Poker | 07/22/07

After a week of being in bed, Jamie convinced me to play poker. Good thing she did or I would be $20 poorer. For consecutive weeks, Ian amassed a ton of chips only to fall to, as it is known in most circles, the triumphant force (also known as my skillful poker playing). After totally sucking for a month and a half I realized the key to winning is to avoid hands with Renee as much as possible. The only times it ever seems to work out is when we both check through the river. If there's any betting involved, it's almost a guaranteed loss for me. Anyway, here are your stats. Notice particularly how close #2 and #3 are.

Week 16:
1) Mike (IH,JB)
2) Ian (RH, CE)
3) Renee
4) Jamie
5) Chris

PCS Rankings:
1) Mike (2.58) 2) Chris (3.05) 3) Ian (3.06) 4) Jamie (4.08) 5) Renee (4.35) 6) Christen (4.77)
7) Tim (6.50)