Sicko | 07/25/07

Last night Jamie convinced me to stop watching my beloved Cubs and go see Sicko with her. I have always appreciated Michael Moore's "little guy" attitude but I've never really cared for how preachy his movies are. His movies always seemed to tell you, "Gee, the government should stop thinking for me" but he spun things so hard that I always figured he was just as guilty with his manipulation of facts.

Sicko's not like that. He takes a much more objective approach to things and, at least between Jamie and I, his mission was accomplished in that we talked about the state of health care for the next few hours. Some of the Spanish sections were mistranslated to sound more anti-American than they actually were (replacing words like "western hemisphere and north america with "The United States") but on the whole it was really good. I'm sure it was the most extreme example, but seeing that a certain medication that cost $120 in the United States was available in Cuba for $.05 was pretty disconcerting. The movie isn't going to crack my top ten or anything but with the utter crap that's out there now, it's probably the best movie available.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Dude, you stopped watching the Cubs? When they were playing the Cards? It's one thing to not even start, but to stop halfway through?? Shame!

Mike (Unknown)

The Cubs are so good now I knew I could leave once they had a lead. :)

Tree (Unknown)

Baaaaaaaaaad fan! Bad! And it's no secret that medication is much more expensive in the U.S. than elsewhere (remember the Canada meds publicity a few years ago? hell even IL Governor candidates were talking about getting the state's meds from Can-a-da). It's all due to demand and wealth. It's the world's way of screwing the U.S. in the ass.



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