Monthy of Busy | 08/15/07

I am finally back and, loyal readers, you will again start seeing updates. It's been a very hectic past month with trips around our beautiful United States, website deadlines, moving trucks, friends, and ghosts.

Within the next few days I will have pictures posted from my trip with Jamie to Key West which includes some ghost pictures (of ghosts, not of ghost orbs or whatever), the Chateauri, Jamie's new apartment, and for good measure, some dog pictures.

I was hoping to have the Key West pictures up today but unfortunately Photoshop did not want to load 200 pictures at once so I will have to pare down what's going online since they all need to be resized and I'm just one man (now with two dogs).

If you want to send Jamie some goodwill messages about starting law school here's the place to do it. More later.


SC (Unknown)

Good luck Jamie! You'll do great :)

Tree (Unknown)

Chompy: "Okay Abby, you can go home now. Go home. Go HOME! LEAVE! Abby: "Zzzzzzzzz...." Chompy: "Grrrrrrrr.... BARK BARK!!(go home!)"

Jamie (Unknown)

Thanks Steve...good luck to you too! And Mark, I'll have you know that Chompy adores my dog.

Tree (Unknown)

Always like a reaction from the crowd! And good luck, Jamie!

Ricky (Unknown)

Next time .. print out directions. Jamie .. I'll miss you despite that we haven't really hung out much in .. months and months .. I hope all the best for ya! Obligatory: "Stay cool" "Have a great summer!" "Good luck" "Stay sweet" "Never change" "Don't forget me"



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