Trip to Key West | 08/16/07

After sorting through almost 300 pictures I pared it down to about 70. So without further ado here are our Key West photos. I would have had them up sooner but I had resize each one of them by hand even though I know Photoshop can do mass editing for me. I also bit the bullet and wrote a little admin for the photos so I could stop having to manually enter each one into the database.

Key West is the most beautiful place I've ever been--and I've been to all fifty states. If I had $1.5m to plunk down on a house I'd be there right now. We stopped in Jacksonville the first night to visit Jamie's sister, her husband and their new baby then made the treacherous drive. It poured in Miami (Moons of My Hammy) but we made it (obviously). We didn't really do a whole lot but we did manage to make it on a ghost tour, saw a ghost (in the pictures, not on the ghost tour), went fishing (caught a yellow-tail snapper), and took a train tour of the island. We ate a lot and shed some pounds walking around in the sweltering humidity. I would highly recommend a trip down there if you haven't been already. I can't say enough good things about the place. The only negative (aside from the humidity) is that's it's a long, intense drive. You should still go though, it's beautiful.


Anna (Unknown)

Hey, I never did get to tell you how nice it was to meet you at "chateauri". I had a fantastic time, and you and Jamie are loads of fun to hang out with. If you're up in the area again, be sure Brian gives me a call!!!



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