Pearl Harbor Day | 12/07/03

Happy Pearl Harbor Day. My family visited Hawaii when I was a kid and we were at the memorial. I know I shouldn't be really "celebrating" today but President Bush is changing our tariff set-up with Japan, so I guess they're our friends now and we should be celebrating. I hear the power states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Michigan are not pleased. Florida and California, though, are happy. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, get off your ass and read the news. Whatever. I woke up late to play basketball and Chris and I arrived at about 11:20 with a flat ball. We sucked something fierce. We did, however, devise a play which will be very useful regardless of which Spring League we decide to play in. After hanging up the jersey for the day, I sorted all my clothes into keep and give-away. I managed to get four garbage bags full of give-aways, which is a good half of all the clothing I own(ed). Jamie is going to take it to Refuge House so that kids can wear the timeless Ocean Pacific T-Shirts I have parted with. I hope they wash the clothes because I sure didn't. Not that they smell. Well, some of them do, but that's just icing on the clothing-cake. I found some problems with my paper and Jamie found about a billion so I redid them all between 12:20-2:30am. I bound everything together and I need to wake up at 7 tomorrow to make sure I drop it off by 8am. Chompy went to the dog park today with Jamie and The Ab (since I was studying for my test) and apparently she was picked on a lot by a pack of dogs. Jamie said they only stayed for five minutes. It's sad for me to think about my dog crying, especially since I've never heard it. Naturally, I was pissed so I demanded to go back to the park so I could either confront the owners or at least kick their dogs (or slip them some baker's chocolate [which I carry with me at all times for just such an emergency]). What really aggravates me is that at the first sign of Chompy picking on another dog I go break it up so I'm really pissed that other people wouldn't do the same thing. I remember I once brought Chompy when she was still a puppy and she was really getting f-'d up by this other dog, whose owners were just standing outside the park, undoubtedly getting high or talking about how cool they were. I got so pissed I grabbed their dog by the collar and carried it (by the collar) and dropped it outside with them. They, rightfully so, got pissed and I thought for sure it would end up in a fist fight. Thankfully it didn't, because I would have gotten my ass kicked since Chompy didn't understand the art of kicking whomever is about to kick Food Guy's ass's ass. Anyway, we went back to the dog park and all the big dogs weren't there so after a brief stop at Petco and Borders we came home and ate some potato soup. Tomorrow is entirely devoted to studying for HoTM. FSU also made it to the Orange Bowl to play Miami...again...for the 3rd time in a year. Oh well. I watched an episode of the West Wing tonight. I know I'm not supposed to agree with mainstream culture but man, that is a great show.




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