August 12 of 12 | 08/12/07

Here's my much-belated 12 of 12 from DC. I haven't really written about that trip yet so here goes: we left at 7am from Tallahassee, dropped off Abs at Jamie's mom's house and hit the road. The truck got terrible gas mileage and we had to refill it every hour or so. By 9pm we called Brian to let him know we were in Halifax and to expect us in the next couple of hours. Little did we know it would be absolutely pouring rain. Between the amount of rain and semis dousing the windshield it took another three hours before we arrived.

The five-star Chateauri was well-appointed for our stay and we awoke the next morning to bacon and eggs. Brian dropped us off at the metro and Jamie and I went into the city to get her apartment key and take a little tour. They had (surprise!) replaced the flooring so the apartment was unavailable so we spent the day running various errands and drinking lots of Starbucks before we hopped the metro back to VA. After Jamie misremembered where Brian was going to pick us up, he eventually found us and brought us back to Sterling, where he kindly bought us some Boston Market. It was there that we finally got to meet Anna and her new baby Ella. Anna was hysterically funny and we were all sad when she and Ella left us early. We also met Brian's lady-friend Rebecca. I would normally have a lot of nice things to say about her but since she killed me in poker....well, that's how it goes.

The next day Jamie and I drove the truck back into town and Brian met up with us to help us haul Jamie's crap into her apartment (she finally got the key). By the time Jamie and I had brought the first load up, Brian had optimized the truck for quick unloading. We had it all unpacked in about 90 minutes and Brian went home while Jamie and I dragged everything into place across the new floors. A few hours later we drove back to Sterling for poker after getting some Subway for dinner. Poker at Brian's was very different from Southern Fried Poker. They play with a total of 100 chips and blinds don't go up until someone goes out. We typically play with the blinds going up every ten minutes and start with, depending on the game, about 1200 chips. Jamie put up a good effort but ultimately finished 6/7. Rebecca's poker prowess busted my two pair on the river for a flush and took the bronze medal. Rebecca eventually overcame Krtisty's husband-led play for a healthy pot and all the glory that comes with it.

(12 of 12 Day) It figures the most boring day of the trip is the 12 of 12. I'm not sure why but we took practically no pictures. That'll be the last time Jamie is in charge of day documentation.

9:41am : After watching the cats go nuts on catnip we left the luxuries of the Chateauri to go back to the squalor that was Jamie's apartment.

11:00am : Jamie finishes her $250 Safeway shopping spree while we still have the truck. This would be the first shopping trip of the day. We also hit Target and Giant (Nothern for Food).

1:30pm : There's me sporting my new American University t-shirt as I come racing up the metro to Jamie's stop.

2pm : We traded out the Chateauri for this! I would be later recruited to hang things on the walls to make it more homey.

2:30pm : Because of Jamie's shoulder surgery I was in charge of picture hanging. With a regular and laser level to aid me I did a damn good job.

5:00pm : Here's up driving the truck back. I am so tired of being in the truck you have no idea.

5:15pm : The truck depot. It was in a scary industrial park, which on its own wouldn't have been so bad. It was a two mile walk through their version of Frenchtown back to the metro station.

6pm : Here's Jamie's apartment.

Beats me : And look, we're somehow still in good spirits.

10pm : Just FYI, if you're visiting Jamie, you need to knock for like eight years before she'll open the door.
10:55pm : Someone left their card at the restaurant! Citi also decided to cancel her card because of possible fraud. Apparently racking up massive charges from Key West all the way to DC will cause that.

11:30pm : Jamie's dad told her to watch the Paper Chase before becoming a lawyer. I think she saw about eight minutes of it between naps.

Transition Picture! Here are Kathy and Chris...

Moving on to Monday! After finishing up in the apartment we finally met up with Kathy and Chris outside of GWU where Kathy gave us a tour of their music department and her tiny office. For dinner we settled on a little Irish pubby place and had some delicious food, cheap-for-DC-beers, and discussed why I'd never get security clearance. After Chris lugged around their poker chips all night, we finally got back to Jamie's place and sat down for a game compromising in chips to about 250. I can't say for sure but it might have been the fastest game of poker in history. I won a collection of gift cards and quarters. Sadly, Chris and Kathy left to catch the last metro and we all posed for the last picture of the 12 of 12.

Tuesday morning Jamie met up with a new friend for Public Service Day, where she did her best Ian impression by giving out condoms to the needy. Unlike Ian though, she had to do it in the ghetto of DC. While she was there preventing new ghetto youth from sprouting up, I was on the metro to Reagan with what seemed like twenty tons of stuff. My flight back was uneventful and Christine picked me up where Spartachomp was waiting after being so carefully tended to by Ricky, Ian and Chris. Thanks you guys!


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