Football Season Is Coming | 08/20/07

Chris and I took a stroll over to Corner Pocket last night to play some poker. Since he was the tournament champion a few weeks ago, he is now a towny legend. One of the waitresses pointed out that I was famous simply by association. Awesome. Other than a small incident with some old guys at my final table who mistakingly thought they could kick my ass and my Paul Newman-like retaliation, poker was mostly unremarkable and I finished 4th at my only final table.

After poker, Chris and I hit up BK and came back to my house to play some NCAA Football 2007. We had played a couple of gut-wrenching games on Sunday night and he took two out of three. Setting "instant classic" marks isn't really that appealing when you're the losing team--it means something catastrophic happened to you. Anyway, after Chris punished me on Sunday I was looking for revenge last night and found it in our second game. What sucks about video game football is that whoever gives up the most turnovers (which you have little/no control over) is going to lose and last night it was Chris. We also moved the game from Austin to Tallahassee and I'm pretty sure my wins were due more to the Longhorns looking at the hot video game cheerleaders than my lackluster option attack. Oh well, I'm not greedy. I'll take my wins over someone better than me any day of the year.


T-Chris (Unknown)

It was kind of weird (in a good way) that my "legend" preceded me. Now, if only I could recreate that magic trying to defend your damn shotgun sets.

Mike (Unknown)

haha, it's either the all-shotgun offense or hands-of-the-controller mostly-run offense. Both are equally deadly.



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