All Apologies | 08/21/07

Looks like Michael Con-Vick took the plea deal. Bummer. I was hoping it would go to trial. Maybe some of your lawyers-to-be can help me out--if you're the kingpin, why are you allowed to plea? I understand the henchmen getting it as an option because you want to get the ringleader but if you're the ringleader, shouldn't you get prosecuted for real? I know the DA gets to offer a plea, but why would you? It just doesn't make sense to me--is it because you're saving tax dollars by avoiding the time and expenses of a trial? I don't really understand how 20 years of jail time from racketeering charges can magically be reduced to 18 months with no racketeering simply because he plead guilty. A little help please.


Jamie (Unknown)

Unfortunately, I'm currently only learning about contracts, torts, civil procedure, and rhetoric (maybe the seasoned law student poker-chris can answer). I agree that it completely sucks that clearly guilty people can take a plea. They don't even have to plead guilty, they can plead no contest and still receive far less of a sentence. If I were the prosecutor, I would definitely offer nothing to him...they had a good case in which any jury would have found him guilty. Pretty sucky situation!

SC (Unknown)

Hopefully the judge will get a change of heart and have Vick strung up during court while an actual trial takes places.

Tree (Unknown)

i TOLD you this would happen! He got a slap on the wrist. That's our Judicial system for the rich and the athletic. You just can't get anybody to convict anymore.



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