Marmolade | 08/22/07

With the Cubs about to sweep the Giants, now is as good a time as any to reveal my favorite player of the season. It came down to Ryan Theriot and Carlos Marmol. I like Theriot not only because his last name is The Riot but he always is trying. He doesn't always succeed but you can tell he's out there really busting for those infield singles and stupid catches in foul ground behind third base. I don't yell nearly as much when he strikes out or commits an error because how you can yell at someone who is giving 100% (exactly 100%)? That said, my choice has got to be Marmol. His last name is pretty fun to say and although Marmol-ade has nothing to do with baseball I enjoy saying that as well. He was a pretty lousy starter last year so when he got called back from AAA to join the bullpen I was a little nervous. Little did I know he was going to absolute decimate lineups. With an ERA just over one, he makes most batters look absolutely ridiculous. He throws hard (97mph) but its his breaking pitches that sometimes make me laugh aloud while watching the games. Anyway, congratulations Marmol on being the Red Zeppelin Cub of the Year.


T-Chris (Unknown)

MARMOL! Did you see him pitch last night? His breaking balls were, in a word, ridunkulous. I mean, just stupid good.

Jamie (Unknown)

So now you're saying Ridukulous too??? What is this world coming to...

Mike (Unknown)

I actually say ridonkulous. Like a ridiculous donkey. Ridonkulous.

Jamie (Unknown)

It's strange Mike, but you're absolutely right. You do say it that way. Either way, it's still pretty annoying.

SC (Unknown)

I agree with your choice and your final two. I'll happily wear either a Riot or Marmolade jersey.



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