Simpsonize Me | 08/23/07

I saw this over at Mark's blog over a week ago and had meant to do it sooner. His new design looks good too. Anyway, at Simpsonize Me you can plug in a picture and it will generate your character for you. Once it's done you can tweak it to get it closer. My picture was post-haircut so my hair was pretty short and the forehead wasn't nearly big enough. Fortunately under the "balding" option they had the one I wound up using. Whew.

On Saturday I have a benefit concert with Danno for RH. I think between doing that and being their webmaster I have officially done more work for them than Jamie did. And we probably got paid about the same. Oooooh.


Jamie (Unknown)

That looks nothing like're not nearly that sleazy.

Mike (Unknown)

What are you talking about? It's like looking into a jaundice-induced mirror.

BU (Unknown)

Put a cubs cap on him and it's exact.

SC (Unknown)

Mine doesn't look right either. In order to get the baseball cap, I lose the sideburns. Such a shame.

Tree (Unknown)

You know I can totally draw that, either by hand or in Flash. How creepy would it be to have a scene where you're a cartoon and you talk! Besides we already had a Simpson's Mike, it's Sideshow Bob.

kash (Unknown)



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