Gun n' Gun | 08/26/07

Everything was going great for FSU during our 2007 NCAA Football marathon. Both Tim (TN/LSU) and Chris (UT) were succumbing nicely to the "Gun N' Gun" offense and the master plan of using the pass to set up the pass was working nicely. And then Tim figured out how to bump the receivers and FSU was annihilated. It wouldn't have been so bad had he not shared the secret with Chris who, after Tim left, then edged me 14-13. I think FSU was too demoralized after Tim's LSU team won something like 42-17 to be competitive anymore. It was nonetheless a total blast (unlike in this nut-wrenching story)and I hope that we can schedule another marathon Playstation 2 football session again in the near future. See Jamie, this is what boys are supposed to do before you girls come in and make us cuddle.

On Saturday I played a gig with Joe and for the first time ever we did it without any music, something I always wanted to try. Joe would just start a conga beat and I'd make up songs around them. It was pretty cool and I wish I had a tape recorder going since I cranked out some winners that I can't seem to duplicate without hordes of screaming fans. Before the gig I hung out with Ricky and we hit up some Village inn where our bill went from $48 (they charged me for six sides of bacon) to $5.08, which I happily paid.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Amen for boy time...and the greatest running back in PS2 NCAA history!



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