School's In Forever | 08/27/07

It's that time of year again. Time for the mass infestation. Students from around the US flock to The Florida State University and the prestigious programs it contains. For anyone over the age of say...24, it's the worst time of year. You can no longer drive around traffic-free or go to Target to get more towels when you're on-loan dog poops her cage. Oh no, you're shut in while the next generation of what's-a-trapper-keeper students ravages the town in their Teva sandals and T-Shirts falsely proclaiming they were at Parkville's BBQ Eat-Off in 1983. You weren't born in 1983! We all know you got that t-shirt at Old Navy you loser! Anyway, we're all stocked up here on the necessarily supplies in case they students clean out the Publix. I'm a little low on dog food but I figure if it gets too bad one dog can just eat the other one. Speaking of which, Mike Vick is going to jail. Nice apology yesterday, it was really convincing...NOT! I haven't said "NOT!" in a while, maybe like 15 years but whatever, I'm not a convicted felony dog-fighter so I can do as I please.


Jamie (Unknown)

I like that he added that he "found God" through all of this. It's probably true -- I'm sure he's praying very hard that he doesn't get what he deserves in prison.

Mike (Unknown)

I think he'll be safe in prison. I don't think many people are going to try to kick Michael Vick's ass.

Ricky (Unknown)

I don't think it's having his ass kicked that is the concern.

I always find it interesting when people "find god."



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