Jacque Jones | 08/28/07

I know we've had some rough times Jacque but things have turned around mightily, eh? It seems like just yesterday you could neither hit, nor field and now suddenly I'm actually happy about seeing you at the plate. I'm not sure how or when exactly you decided to stop sucking and become awesome but on behalf of Cubs Nation, thank you. The Cubs would not be in first place if it wasn't for you and last night's comeback win against the Brewers, lead by you, was fantastic. Three cheers for Jacque Jones.

In other news, I am very sleepy and hate waking up early. Alas, the times, they are a changing.


SC (Unknown)

They've always said Jones is a second half, late-season player. He has been proving that since the All-Star Break. Looking pretty good right now that Selig blocked that trade to Florida.



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