Ah, College Football | 09/01/07

Thank God it's finally time for College Football (not the Playstation 2 version) for real. As we've done the past two years, Jamie and I signed up to play in P-Chris' College Pick 'Em. He won in 2005, I won in 2006 and, if the season ended today, Jamie would win 2007. Fortunately for the rest of us, it doesn't end today. At the last minute I heard that Auburn had a key guy not playing so I switched my confidence points from 6->3 and Michigan over Appalachian State from 3->6. Bummer! Maybe it's because of their steel drum band, I knew App. State was in Boone, NC and had won the D-II championship last year; all of the announcers made it sound like it was a school that was chartered in May and no one had heard of it. Well, Mountaineers--I'd heard of you. Anyway, I still thought you'd lose. I watched the Auburn game was cheering against them like you have no idea. Had they lost, and our season ended today, I would have been in first place. Alas. Except for Tim, we all did moderately well over the "strangers". Tim will likely extract his revenge on T-Chris and me on Monday when we get together to play some football and watch FSU trounce Clemson.


Tree (Unknown)

Well thanks to my wreckless picking, I got me a 172.



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