Stop Being A Slob | 12/08/03

I know what you're thinking. It's a question of that I've been asked a lot in my life. Why do I love to clean so much? Well, even though I've answered this a million times, I guess I can answer it one more. It's because I hate to study. I mean HATE to study. Really, if I had more studying to do on a daily basis I would be a much neater person. Granted, this idea did not serve me well in high school and I wound up with rats under my bed and a C- average GPA but who's counting that anyway? I was able to get all the short answer questions prepared decently but I still need to look at the essays. Some people were going to come over but they didn't. Amory and I are going to study at 1pm tomorrow to get our cram on. I dropped off my paper this morning at 8am-ish sharp. It took me about six hours to get all the short answers together and hopefully Theory-Chris is coming soon to give me the notes-goods. The picture to the left is something that will be an art project come next week when I have free time. Well, free time that I don't have to feel badly about. On Wednesday I'm going to Bluntstown to play pan with Steel-Chris. XM Radio is now installed in the Mighty Taurus and if you don't have it, you might want to think about it. I almost said to "GO GET IT" but it's really not a quintessential piece of equipment, like a lever. It is nice, though and there's no more guessing or BS'ing on name-that-tune-in-the-Taurus because it tells you both the artist and the title. It's only about $10/mo and it was Jamie's Christmas present to me. I hope she likes her cooking lessons. Shh, don't tell her.




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