Slack-y | 08/31/07

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I haven't updated the blog in a few days. I have been very busy working and tweaking a bunch of other sites. It's been storming a lot, so a lot of my time has been spent cleaning up dog crap because when it storms really hard the dogs get scared and refuse to go outside. When the refuse to go outside that means there's only once place they can go--inside. Some of their favorite dumping grounds include immediately to the left of my bed, in my bedroom closet, and right next to the door that leads outside. I'm not sure why they're willing to poop RIGHT NEXT TO where they could go out and poop and not get in trouble but whatever. They're both old and I think no amount of training or dog-hypnotherapy will break them of being afraid of storms. Oh well, that's why I bought more Folex and paper towels. Thanks Jara!




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