Labor Day | 09/03/07

My Labor Day was spoiled by not only the Dodgers put a whomping on the Cubs, but by Clemson annihilating FSU. Even though the final score of 24-18 looks like a respectable loss, it wasn't. FSU took it on the chin the whole game and the "new and improved" offense showed the same Where's The Run? of the Jeff Bowden era. Maybe Rick Trickett can't help the offensive line. They were just horrific. Both Antoine Smith and Drew Weatherford looked fine when the offensive line held (maybe 1% of all plays) but the o-line was just...terrible. There's no other way to say it, they were just awful. You get to go to school for free to stand there and push someone away. You don't have to really run or catch and while of course I wouldn't make it 30 seconds as a offensive lineman, I'm also not going to school for free. Anyway, even though I hate Clemson more than Miami (not as much as Florida), they played better and deserved to win. I'm not sure why they tore down the goalposts though--maybe we should do that again UAB...if we win.


SC (Unknown)

Sigh, another year without a championship bid



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