Jobs I Want | 09/05/07

I was thinking last night of all the jobs I would want. Number one on my list is "back-up rapper". The guy who stands behind 50 Cent and says "yeah" periodically. I bet that guy rakes it in and he only needs to know one word. That's the life. Another job I might like is the guy that keeps track of downs during football games. Since I can count well past four, I am probably overqualified for the job but I would still take it. in addition to a hefty salary, I'm sure you get other perks like pats on the head from Chad Johnson. If I couldn't pull off one of those two, I wouldn't mind being one of the royal guards in a first-world country whose job is purely ceremonial. I'd still have some sort of weapon so no one would mess with me and I would never have to actually be in danger. Score!




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