Honus Wagner | 09/06/07

Today it was revealed the rarest baseball card in history was just sold for $2.8 million dollars. Six months ago it was purchased for $2.38 million--quite a nice little ROI there. It blows my mind that something like that could be worth so much. Apparently there were only about 30-40 printed and since it's from the early 1910's (right after the Cubs last won the World Series) and it's the only one that's in near-mint condition. I understand why some artworks are worth so much--you can enjoy their beauty or ponder their meaning but a baseball card? I like baseball more than your average guy but come on, that's a ton of money for something that you can do absolutely nothing with. Maybe in ten years it will sell for $10m and I'll be kicking myself for not taking out a $3m loan and buying it today.


SC (Unknown)

People just don't smoke enough on their own nowadays. We need to bring back this baseball card thing. Nothing would make me take up smoking more than knowing I could get a Alex Rodriguez rookie card in my carton.

Charlie (Unknown)

i got a 1910 Honus wagner card and its ecatly like that card but the back says vaule of a 100,000



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