Pick Me Choose Me | 09/09/07

On Saturday, as is slowly becoming most Saturdays, Tim and Chris came over for some football and beer. The FSU game wasn't on TV and we couldn't get on the radio so we sadly just had to play video games. I think Tim was the big winner overall, taking both WV and UT to the whipping shed as LSU with his slanty attacks. We put in almost a full workday of the game again by the end I was worried Chris might explode all over my living room as his Longhorns took one on the chin in Morgantown.

Since both TAMU and Hawaii held on I was able to sneak out a win in this week's Pick 'Em. Fortunately for me, Auburn killed Jamie leaving me with a slim lead over P-Chris for first place overall. It's a long season but it's definitely easier to hold a lead than it is to have to pick crazy upsets each week in the hopes of making a move.


BU (Unknown)

GO TECH, or something.

Tree (Unknown)

I missed the deadline by 1 minute, so I'm done for the year. Damn stupid dial-up.



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