Britney's Back | 09/10/07

Apparently Britney is back after performing at the MTV Music Awards over the weekend. Everyone railed against her out of shape body and poor performance. While I won't comment on performance (I didn't see it, although I'm sure it was a abysmal), she just had two kids. She's not a miracle worker, she can only look so good.

In sadder news, it looks like my mentally-vacating grandmother is headed for an assisted living facility. That sounds really cold but for the past year my dad has dutifully driven over there to attend to her every day and took a sabbatical from work the past six months and she apparently can't even remember that he visits at all. There's been some speculation that since she's lived alone for so long her memory deteriorated into nothing because she never really had to use it; she's at the point now where she can easily ask you the same question six times in ten minutes. It's really sad. I really don't envy the decision my parents have to make at all.


SC (Unknown)

Oh come on, she had the last kid like a year and a half ago. She has no reason to not be back in shape. Other than all the drinking she does. Oh, and having the right to not drop back down to whatever tiny size she was before. I don't envy the decision either, although she seems happy with this place.

mike (Unknown)

They found one? Mom said last night that she was going nutso over all of them.

Tree (Unknown)

No! Britney go away! Go away forever! I read her lip-syncing drunken dancing in all of its flabbiness was a complete total embarrassment. And how in the hell can people, after all that's happened, STILL like her?? No! Bad, people! Bad! And they seriously need to take away her children.

Jamie (Unknown)

I don't like Britney, and I agree her performance was terrible, but don't you dare call her flabby. She just had 2 kids...I'd like to see your body after that kind of change. Even without the two kids, her body still looks great. Maybe she's not the size she was at the top of her career, but she's no where near flabby. I get so sick of hearing this judgmental shit about people's bodies. I really couldn't care less about her specifically, but women (and men) struggle every day because they are pressured to live up to unreasonable ideals...your comments only make this worse.

KBS (Unknown)

Amen, Jamie!

SC (Unknown)

Apparently they did. Dad said one out by Aunt Sharon.

Mike (Unknown)

Just hearing that depresses me; I can't even fathom how she feels.

Tree (Unknown)

Flabbiness.. is a lazy issue...just like it is with all fat people. Lack of understanding, lack of nutritional value issues and maturity. Britney being a slut and having kids in a reckless state and all, is no means by: a justable issue. She has no business being a mother. Feeding her kids soda and Doritos further shows she's just an incompetent idiot. And this has nothing to do with "expected celebrity or women's image".



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