Corkasaurus | 09/11/07

Last night I had a dream that Dr. Spencer died. I apparently was still in school and they replaced him for the Latin Sociology class I was taking with an equally charming but younger British guy. The only problem was that he was teaching out of his Buick Century. I had a good seat--the rear driver's side and there were two other students, both middle aged men. They were over-achievers and strikingly handsome. During the class I came up with a great idea--the corkasaurus. It was a single, thick piece of corkboard that could be "excavated" and when you had found all of the "bones" you could built some sort of dinosaur. Even now it seems like a pretty cool idea. Way to go dream.


KBS (Unknown)

You are so weird.

Mike (Unknown)

You know you'd buy the corkasaurus if it were productized.

Jamie (Unknown)

I'm a fan of the weirdness :)



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