Defending Brit: Part II | 09/12/07

I never, ever, ever thought I would say this but I actually agree with Kanye West on something: that MTV exploited Briney, knowing she was going to suck. MTV got what it wanted--a ton of publicity, blogs and new sites everywhere linked to them and video rebroadcasts of the performance have been everywhere the past three days. When was the last time MTV was in the news for anything at all, let alone for anything related to music? The internet has decimated their key demographic and rightfully so--anything they can offer the internet, specifically social networking sites, offers one-hundred fold. So rather than changing their programming away from crap no one but Jamie and a small sect of tweeners in remote Idaho, they decide to humiliate someone who is already clearly down and out for the sheer publicity of her dreadful performance. I'm biased because I've never watched MTV except when Jamie would have it blaring downstairs but they've proven time and time again that they could care less about their original mission of spreading music and instead fill their programming hours with the chronicles of rich, snobby 16 year olds and teams of sluts and rapists competing for prize packs. I'd have a party when they went off the year but I just don't care that much.




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