Tag Day | 09/13/07

Since we haven't had one in a really long time, today is going to be a tag entry. I missed the 12 of 12 for no good reason but rather than putting together a fake day based on old photos and Photoshopping Jamie into a houseplant I decided to make up a tag day instead. Now, with that said, here is my tag: A Perfect World.

1) In a perfect world we'd never have to hear another word from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

2) In a perfect world Bill Clintonwould be president and Hillary would have never discovered politics.

3) In a perfect world iced venti vanilla lattes would be free.

4) In a perfect world Led Zeppelin would give free concerts every night and Creed would be their roadies.

5) In a perfect world the highest paid job would be teachers and benefits would include being able to send one student to the moon every semester.

6) In a perfect world I'd be able to nap with no guilt or fear.

7) In a perfect world insider trading wouldn't be a crime but everything else would have a much harsher sentence (like death).

8) In a perfect world there wouldn't be war because everyone was too busy well...you know.

9) In a perfect world Oz would air a new episode every night.

10) A perfect world would require abortion protsters to be sent to another planet.

I tag Mark C., Brian, T-Chris, and Ricky.




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