Las Vegas Marlins | 09/14/07

This graphic really makes me sad. This is an actual mid-game photograph from a few days ago in Miami where the Marlins were hosting the Nationals. There were only 400 people in attendance in a stadium that, when hosting football games, is packed with over 75,000. What a stupid thing to make you sad, you say. You might be right--sad is probably not the right word, just disappointed. The Marlins, while profoundly in last place this year, nonetheless have two World Series rings in the past twenty years, which is more than I can say for the Cubs. You would think fans in Miami, wanting to see their winning team, might actually go to the games but instead they...I don't know, drive really fast around town. Ingrates. That goes for you too Braves fans--you don't know how good you have (ok, had) it.

Chris was our first participant in yesterday's tag and I'm glad I was able to draw him out of a three month hiatus from blogging. Hopefully we will see the rest in the next few days. Go State!


Tree (Unknown)

The Marlins are not moving to Las Vegas; nor is any team; gambling issues & especially after the NBA ASG incident. The Hurricanes are going from the Orange Bowl to Dolphin Stadium, then they'd tear down the Orange Bowl and build the new retractable dome stadium for the Marlins. Rain is one of the reasons that keeps the fans away (to 3,000, as opposed to 400). And Miami is a difficult town to gauge in sports: they got 3 pro-teams in a span of 8 years, and that's a lot to absorb. And what happened to the 1997 Marlins was one of the worst things to ever have done in baseball. I still say contraction is the best option. But Selig is too proud and ignorant to actually do it.



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