I'm in your pocket, disrupting your passes | 09/15/07

Dear Jeff Bowden,

I'm sorry. On behalf of all FSU fans, I'm sorry we blamed you singularly for FSU's problems. After watching Jimbo Fischer's offense "dismantle" Colorado last night I realized what you must have known for a while--all of the players that should be starting at FSU are sitting as 2nd and 3rd stringers on the University of Florida sideline. I now more fully understand that even Peyton Manning would not be able to win games for the Noles. The offensive line apparently just has some sort of fundamental lack of understand that they're there to block. Whether that's helping pop open holes for the RBs or protecting Weatherford, they just refuse to do it. So Jeff, I'm sorry. It wasn't you--it was your players.


T-Chris (Unknown)

I don't know if I'd go that far, but certainly FSU's troubles begin and end at the offensive line. I think it's a combination of poor coaching of the line, bizarre play-calling at crucial times, and an overall lack of talent, especially compared to our orange-and-blue clad neighbors to the east. There were flashes of good things to come last night (see Smith's TD), but the O-line HAS to get better for the 'Noles to have ANY shot at double-digit wins again.

Mike (Unknown)

You're right about the woes of O-line. Thank God Mickey Andrews' defense showed up last night.

Mark (Unknown)

To be fair, Colorado is much better this year and has two players (Dizon and Wheatley) on defense that are pretty good players at important positions. It was a win-win (or a win-lose) for me, and it was hard to decide who to root for. In unrelated news, I am finally ripping all of my music to the computer and lo and behold, I found a couple of CD's that I believe belong to you... Want them back?



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