Happy Birthday BU! | 09/16/07

Happy O'er The Weekend Birthday to Brian!

I wasted my entire worked on my thesis all weekend so other than a little football Sunday was pretty uneventful. Chris came over for a little while and whomped me so hard I wanted to be working on my thesis instead. Alex sent me a really funny IM but I accidentally restarted my computer before I could save it. Rest assured Fancy Feast was mentioned--I'll look for it tonight. The Cubs are now clinging to a two game lead with about a dozen games left in the season. It's too bad they have to play the Reds, who always seem to give them a good pounding.

Pick 'em wasn't disastrous but pretty darn close with all of the people behind me gaining ground after GT lost to BC. Everyone got the UCLA game wrong so that wasn't too painful but apparently I should have had less confidence in the Yellow Jackets. Oh well, it takes skill to net -3. Just ask the FSU rushing game.


BU (Unknown)


KBS (Unknown)

Miiiiike, listen! Fancy feast and multiple jumps.



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