UF Gone Wild | 09/18/07

Some UF student got tasered after talking asking some seemingly normal questions of also-ran John Kerry. I can't believe I voted for him, what a moron. I think I'll be voting for Giuliani come next year. I think he's the best candidate from either party and although I haven't voted for a Republican in as long as I can remember I think being the mayor of New York is as close as a non-president can come to having any experience as a president. I also like Giuliani because he pauses before he speaks, as though he's actually considering the question before him. Hillary (and John Kerry before her) were the absolute worst for firing off stock answers and I really hate that. Obama does the pause and if it weren't for Guiliani I would probably vote for him. with the election well over a year away I still have plenty of time to change my mind but I think America is in dire need of a balding presidents--people who grow old and keep their hair are just too cocky because of it. Rudy!


Jamie (Unknown)

I'm going to see Obama today!! Hooray!

Elena (Unknown)

www.ronpaul2008.com seriously...a way better choice than Guiliani, Obama, Hillary, etc.

Jamie (Unknown)

Not a fan of Ron Paul. Obama, on the other hand, was amazing yesterday!

Tree (Unknown)

And what exactly has Obama accomplished?

Mike (Unknown)

Ron Paul? Are you serious? I certainly respect that he's a real doctor and has legitimate professional achievements (not just the crap of professional politicians whose achievements are spending lots of money to get elected and sitting on bullshit committees that do nothing) but every time I've heard him speak at the debates he hasn't impressed me at all with what he has to say.

Obama has a great pedigree--and he's just as articulate as Clinton was. He definitely hasn't accomplished as much in politics as the others simply because he hasn't been there for that long...but that's probably not a bad thing since we've got absolutely nothing from the career politicians in both parties.

Elena (Unknown)

Yep - I'm definitely serious about Ron Paul - He's the only one who has consistently voted against War with Iraq (Clinton and Obama both voted for the war), the only one who has voted consistently AGAINST the bs Patriot Act and the only conservative that has a prayer against the mega popular Clinton and Obama. Unfortunately, he's never been given much of an opportunity to speak during the debates - even the last one I watched dedicated time to Fred Thompson - a man who (at that time) had still not declared himself even in the race! If Ron Paul were being taken seriously as a candidate, I think you'd be impressed - at least impressed that he truly has something different and worthwhile to add to the political maelstrom.

Elena (Unknown)

I meant to add this though - at least you've heard of Ron Paul. A lot of Republicans up here (who consider themselves "in the know") claim they've never even heard of the man!

Mike (Unknown)

You make a good point about him getting put on the back burner (nearly off the stove) at the debates. I don't care for Fred Thompson for the same reason I could never vote for Bloomberg (even thought Bloomberg and I are very much aligned)--if you're in, you're in. Enter the ring with everyone else instead of pulling some late-coming high-publicity crap.

I promise to listen extra hard though next time when they let him get his two sentences in.

Mike (Unknown)

I wish I could figure out why your comments post of our order. It doesn't happen to anyone else.

What do you think of his odds in the Republican primary? One of the key reasons I remembered him was from the first Republican debate where he was the only that quickly made known that he was for stem cell research WITH human embryos. He got points with me there.



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