The Juice! | 09/19/07

Whenever I feel like things aren't going well or I'm a little bit down over something I remind myself "well, at least you're not OJ Simpson". What's particularly frightening about The Juice is that he's older than my parents and still getting into all this trouble, although I suppose that's what athletes, murderous one in particular, tend to do. I was surprised to see a story on ESPN defending him calling him "a victim of his past", citing that he is possibly having a "make-up" call against him; his sure-guilt now is making up for the fact he wasn't sent to Death Row last time he found himself entangled with the law. Whatever, as long as he stays out West where he can't kill, maim, steal from, or be near me.

In other news, Chris and Tim, you are going down next time we play football. Over the past couple of days I have developed the fauxption, where I run the QB away from the option so you won't be able to stack against it. Pat White is fast enough it's a good seven yards--perfect for those 3rd and kind-of-long situations. Normally I wouldn't play during the work week but since Chris was winning like 70-3 I figured I had to set aside some time to save myself from any more complete and total embarrassment. Look out!


Mike (Unknown)

Oops. I messed up my pictures.

KBS (Unknown)

Hahahahhaa - Chompy as THE JUICE! I love it. She's even wearing orange. Orange Juice - get it? Thank you for switching the pictures and making me laugh.

Elena (Unknown)

Chompy's so adorable in her sweater!

Jamie (Unknown)

I think I win for best ever picture of Chompy. I didn't get any nearly as good of Ab in her Women Rock t-shirt.

Mike (Unknown)

Chompy hates that sweater. That picture is both cute and funny though (which is why it's set as the default for any entry where there's no picture/a broken picture).



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