Happy Birthday Grandma Doris! | 09/20/07

Last night I met up with in-town Amy, Chris, Christen, Jen(n), Danny and...someone to play trivia at Gil's Steakhouse. The questions were just as retarded as I remember although the first round photo challenge were all FSU attendees (including Randy Moss, tricky tricky) so that was fun. I contributed nothing unique and really spent most of my time trying to talk Chris out of correct answers. Amy has lots of funny stories although I don't think I'd be able to retype them out here.

Today is my grandma's 80th birthday and the last one she celebrates as a "free woman" since she and my parents have apparently found a retirement community they agree on. I think it's called "assisted living" but that's too depressing to say. Anyway, happy birthday.

Steve made it on TV for the second time last night at a Cubs but this time...he was hit by a foul ball off the bat of Adam Dunn. Apparently it whacked him in the ankle and after taking the blow the ball was stolen by some dude from a corporate party. He's where the arrow is pointing in the picture as the ball is coming down. Awesome.

The ol' blog has been getting solid traffic lately--between 150/200 hits a day. Not too shabby since just four years ago I would get excited if it broke 30. Looks like the new seo-friendly design of the last update worked some magic.

As a parting though, where is Ian? I've tried calling him once a week since I got back from DC and his phone just rings forever. Does anyone know if he's alive? IAN!


SC (Unknown)

Wonderful. Thank you.

SC (Unknown)

The Juice is loose...in Florida

Mike (Unknown)

The juice is always loose--that's been the problem since I was in high school.

Ian (Unknown)

Yeah, dude, I'm alive. In fact, being alive is still my most endearing characteristic. (Some would say the only endearing characteristic... I have killed those people, though. Ironically.) I can't explain why my phone is ringing constantly for you. I promise I haven't heard any voicemails or seen your number pop up! Are you letting Chompy dial? My number has several 2's and I have long suspected that she confuses 2 with 7. I have a similar problem in euchre, which is odd because I should even be using those cards.



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