New Day, New Storm | 09/21/07

Looks like the newest tropical storm might actually hit Tallahassee. It has been really, really nice here the past few days and even though temperatures have been in the high 80s the humidity is so low you actually want to be outside. With no FSU game this weekend I'll probably get a lot done on my thesis. And if that's not possible I'll probably get a lot of football in. Life's rough sometimes.

I've been listening to a lot of Chili Peppers recently. I'm amazed they haven't turned out any really bad albums yet. I've been trying really hard recently to not listen to the couple thousand songs on my playlist that I know and love in favor of new ones I've downloaded with the hopes of expanding the music I listen to. I haven't really branched out into new groups except for Coldplay but have really been more focused on finding new songs by groups I already kind of liked.

The blog is quickly coming up on its fourth birthday. That means the Time Machine feature (on the right sidebar) will get a new entry in two more months. I've found I use that feature a lot to see what I was doing a certain time which is why I've been recently trying to include at least a paragraph of general life. Anyway, time for a contest: This blog was started in November 2003--how many entries have I written in that amount of time? The closest without going over will win...something good. Maybe a gift certificate to Amazon (since I steal everything else from Brian). Today's entry does indeed count in the total.

How many entries?

Your name:


Jamie (Unknown)

The main tracker says it will hit New Orleans...we can only hope.

Mike (Unknown)

Wow, you guys are terrible at guessing.



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