Here's Your Ass | 09/22/07

It seems like everyone handed me my ass on Saturday. I quickly fell out of first-place in Pick 'Em and finished 15/18 on the week. I figured it was a week full of upsets--and it was. Too bad I picked all the wrong ones. Jamie had a great week finishing second and moving into second overall behind picks-against-PSU Chris. I can't really say anything since the past years I've done will picking FSU to lose. Alas. If nothing else I learned you can make up/lose up to 20 points a week, which will be handy in calculating my upsets for future weeks.

T-Chris and Tim took turns handing me my ass in Playstation football. Chris was thoroughly dominant throughout the whole night and his offense is absolutely killer. Tim was able to upset him in the penultimate game of the night with a last minute interception and then went on to whomp me in the final game. The turnovers were especially devastating and I coughed up the ball seven times in the last game, although I did manage to recover three of the six fumbles. Go Mountaineers!


Jamie (Unknown)

You're still a winner in my book honey :)

SC (Unknown)

You suck at life. :)



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