Ahmadinejad at Columbia | 09/23/07

There's been a flurry of media activity over Ahmadinejad's speaking at Columbia University. The school has taken a lot of heat over having someone who denied the existence of the holocaust (amongst a long list of other unsavory ideas) and Columbia has replied that if Hitler were available they'd have him too. The press conveniently leaves out the second half of the sentence: We'd invite Hitler to speak if he were prepared to go up against the Columbia University students and faculty. I think Columbia is doing a great thing--I don't think most Americans know how terrible a person Ahmadinejad is and having him get absolutely torn apart by some of America's best and brightest (like Meg) would certainly churn up some good quotes of him looking foolish and bring some larger public awareness to Iran and their lunatic despot.

In lighter news, my adopted team, the Packers, are 3-0 while my former team, led by UF Superstar (hah!) Rex Grossman took it on the chin from the Cowboys. The Green Bay game wasn't on and I watched about ten minutes of the Bears game and with the exception of one drive the Bears looked really bad in every way. I look forward to rooting for them again once they get rid of Grossman...my fear though is that replace him with new-draftee Chris Leak. Come on, put Orton back in there and get me back as a fan!

I will announce the winner of How Many Entries Contest tomorrow so if you haven't submitted your guess do it now, it takes like 2 seconds (see Friday's entry).


Jamie (Unknown)

I can't get in to pro football for some reason...you'd think my love of college football would carry over. But if I did, I'd be a Packer's fan. Anyone who employed Brett Favre is fine in my book :)

SC (Unknown)

Boo Packers. The Bears cut Leak last month.

Mike (Unknown)

You can boo the Packers--I wish I had rooted for them when they were good instead of having to pick them up once they started sucking. This season looks promising though.

Tree (Unknown)

Don't you fucking DARE start that Packers shit up again! You flip-flopper! BOOO FARVE!! BOOO PACKERS!! GO BEARS!! This Packers season is a fluke.



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