Polarized | 09/25/07

Last night ESPN held a town-hall style meeting in Atlanta over Michael Vick, who was coincidentally brought up on state charges earlier in the day. Both the panel and the audience were about 50/50 black:white. I will say first that the panel, both races, were excellent. The audience on the other hand made me want to vomit. At one point there was a poll-by-applause whether dog-fighting should be considered a crime and the response what 50/50. Disgusting. The same 50% that were cheering for it not to be a crime were in the same group that were cheering wildly when it was brought up that Michael Vick is now apparently a born-again Christian. These were the same people that thought Bill Belichick deserved an as-hash penalty for taking videos of the defensive signs. Are you people that uneducated? Michael Vick COMMITTED A FELONY. Bill Belichick cheated and while that is heinous, he DID NOT BREAK THE LAW. Should he have been suspended? Yes, I think so. Do I think he and Michael Vick deserve the same punishment as you idiots called for? Hell no.

At another point in the debate one of the leaders from the NCAAP chimed in that Vick was being persecuted primarily because he's black and started asking all these rhetorical questions about if dog-fighting was such a big deal, blah, blah, blah spouting his bullshit about how this is a perfect example of racism and dog-fighting is just a cover. In an ironic twist of events, a leader of the Humane Society was sitting behind him and absolutely took him to school. TO SCHOOL.

I'm boycotting everything Atlanta now that I have better feel for the type of uneducated, Christian-claiming trash that live there. How dare some of you chant "Free Michael Vick" at the end. God, I hope there's an extra layer of hell especially designated for hypocritical, irresponsible, and ignorant people like you.


Tree (Unknown)

Very disturbing blog image. Michael Vick should be blown up.

Mike (Unknown)

I almost used this one. Warning: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

Tree (Unknown)

Yeah that's too much.

Mike (Unknown)

Wow, YOU were shocked by something? I didn't think that was possible.

Jamie (Unknown)

Nice entry HB...I'm so glad he was charged in state court as well. Hopefully that will add some years to his sentence!



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