Good News on the Homefront | 09/26/07

Yesterday I found out my thesis was officially ready to be passed on to my committee. Awesome. I celebrated by playing two games of football with Chris. In our "experimental" first game (calling all plays we'd never called) I won but in our second "real" game, he pulled out a last-second win with 0:06 left despite having that time left with 80 yards between him and the end zone. Chris has the Playstation pass figured out--the magic touch that can have the QB throw it with the right "touch". I still do not have that despite playing for almost a month on the weekends now. I can whip 'em in there but that can (and does) end up as an interception. One day I'll get you Chris.

The heat is on in the National League with only 4/5 games left. The Cubs have the "safest" lead of 2 games on the Brewers. The Mets have collapsed and the Phillies have been hot. In the NL West I'm pulling for the Rockies because they seem to be the short-term version of the Cubs (but with a tiny payroll and fans that don't care). It should be an interesting couple of days since they Cubs have already lost two in a row to the hated Marlins. A couple more losses and they'll be watching the playoffs...again.


KBS (Unknown)

Jeez - the playstation updates! I'm looking forward to whatever your next hobby is - like when you moved on from Alexadex (or whatever) to whatever was next.

Mike (Unknown)

Ouch. Would you like to suggest a new hobby? And don't say World of Warcraft because that's not happening.

Jamie (Unknown)

Go Cubs! Since the Reds perpetually suck, I'm officially cheering for your team.

Tree (Unknown)

Won't be cheering for the Cubs here, no sir-ree bob. That said, I'll be cheering for the Brewers tonight while I'm at the White Sox game. As of right now, the D-Backs would play the Cubs and the Mets would host the Padres. Tho that could all change if the Phillies make a push.

BU (Unknown)

I recommend Alias as a new hobby. Or musicals.

Mike (Unknown)

I bet you have good seats for the Sox games. I think back to how few people went to the games when they were good and now that they're the second worst team in the game there might be what six or seven people there tonight?

I would consider Alias but I'm going to have to strike down musicals.

Tree (Unknown)

Alias? Musicals? Uhh.... There's always painting, woodworking, work up on your "drawing" skills, card games, video games, weight lifting, cooking / invest in some cookbooks, or if you're not feeling like a Liberal... target practice. I practiced my shot with a bb and pellet gun with homemade drawn targets in the basement back in the day.

Tree (Unknown)

Don't be a smartass Mike, I'm trying to help you! Hey now, there had to be at least 20,000 of the paid 32,000 who watched Jon Garland throw a 3-hit shutout last night. And they are good seats / were got in advance, smartass.

Mike (Unknown)

I wasn't being a smartass--20,000 is nothing ...unless you're a Marlin or National in which case it's a sell-out.

SC (Unknown)

Go Padres, at least until they help the Cubs clinch, then they can start sucking.



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