Grey's Anatomy Premiere | 09/27/07

Last night was the Grey's Anatomy premiere. I didn't watch it but apparently just about everyone else on Earth did. Back when C&M and C&E were in town we used to watch it as part of a block with Desperate Housewives (another show I haven't watched in ages) on Sunday nights. I used to go play video games once DH was over while the rest of them watched Grey's. The show was just too unbelievable to watch--a problem I have with practically every show. It's ok to make a show that's unbelievable but at least stick with how things are unbelievable, like LOST (when does Lost start again?). You can make a compelling argument that every TV is unbelievable but the really good ones (Six Feet Under, et al) never, and I mean never make you say out loud, "oh come on".

Kathy has informed me reporting on Playstation 2 NCAA Football makes for a boring update and I should find a new hobby. With my thesis in a good place and the conclusion of my last freelance website about to end (hopefully tonight) I'm definitely in the market for a new hobby and am open to suggestions. Lay them on me.


BU (Unknown)

Dogfighting. You and your martial arts vs. Chompy au naturel. Videotaped and broadcast on YouTube.

KBS (Unknown)

Ok, I'm not into the dogfighting, but I am definitely into pictures and/or videos of Chompy and The Ab. What about a media day? And oh yeah - what happened to your karate class?

Mike (Unknown)

I can't compete against Chompy--her threshold for pain is much, much higher than mine.

I could do a media day but then my blog would turn even more into Brian's. I guess as long as I skipped 5 Minute Song Day I'd be safe though. I don't have pics of Alex anyway.

I quit karate about a year ago. Kenpo is really, really high-impact and taking so many shots two/three times a week, well, it really just kind of hurt my body too much.

Jamie (Unknown)

You could knit me warm sweaters and scarves for the cold DC winter.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm going to have to strike knitting down right now.

Jamie (Unknown)

What if I promised to wear what you made...the thought of embarrassing me is a motivating factor, I'm sure.

BU (Unknown)

Your new hobby should be Monopoly, like old times. I celebrated by playing two games of Monopoly with Chris. In our "experimental" first game (buying all the properties we'd never buy) I won but in our second "real" game, he pulled out a last-second win with my unlucky roll over Electric Company despite my having four houses each on the reds and yellows. Chris has the free parking roll figured out--the magic touch that can get all the money out of the middle with the right "touch". I still do not have that despite playing for almost a month on the weekends now. I can whip 'em in there but that can (and does) end up in me going to jail. One day I'll get you Chris.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm not a good Monopoly player--I get too pissed and throw the board.



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