Clusterf*ck Saturday | 09/29/07

Wow. Now that was some college football. They were calling Upset Saturday but that doesn't really do justice to the clusterf*ck that happened. Florida, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma and Rutgers, all top ten teams all were beaten. Penn State, Hated Clemson, Oregon, and of course Alabama, were ranked between 11-25 and were all beaten.

FSU whomped Alabama and I don't think the score really reflects how good FSU looked in the second half. Kind of like when they played Colorado, once they defense knew the game was won, they decided they'd phone it in a little bit and Alabama made the game look more respectable than it really was. Until now I'd always advocated keeping Weatherford but I have to admit that Lee looked really good. When he's not making bad decisions it turns out he's a pretty darn good quarterback. Having a runner behind center helps a lot in opening up the pass too.

I suspect FSU will sneak back into the Top 25 this week. With so many teams losing, and they fact they'd only been really crushed for 1.5 quarters all season, I think they could get in at either #24 or #25. I don't think they would be (or should be) ranked any higher than that but it'll be nice to see them up there again.




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