Clusterf*ck Saturday Aftermath | 09/30/07

Tim made an enormous jump in the rankings to pull even with P-Chris in 3rd behind Chompy and Abs me and Jamie. I know this might upset the Pick 'Em Gods, but I officially declare our pool to be down to 12 people. I think the people behind T-Chris are officially out of it. You can make up 30 points but if it's Week 5 and you're already 70 points out? I'm not so sure. Not that he reads my blog, or even that I know who is, but kudos to Robby who, despite it being Clusterf*ck Saturday, made some excellent picks and made a huge leap in the standings. The only upset that I originally had was Illinois over Penn State but I switched them since I had SO many upsets already I wanted to hedge my bets. If only I had known there were going to be twice as many as I picked...including FSU. I picked Alabama over FSU but I will happily give those points up for an FSU victory.

Why is FSU not ranked? They beat the team that beat the #4 team in the country. They had a bad 22 minutes against the team that was, until Saturday, ranked #13. Have some pity--Nebraska should be out. I think be Kentucky (correctly) being #8, hell has officially frozen over and the Cubs will win the World Series this year. Hopefully they'll beat the Red Sox since I hate them the most of all the playoff teams.




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