Electronic Monopoly | 10/02/07

It seems like Monopoly is everywhere--in Brian's blog, in Kathy's comments and now on TV. This new version is "electronic"; that is to say there is no cash, just the ability to scan cards to keep track of money. Call me crazy, but isn't the initial fight over banker and subtle cheating what made Monopoly such a fun game? Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about--shorting people $10 when you owe them like $240 and paying with a bunch of ones just to make it easier for them not to recount what you gave them...taking an extra $50 by saying your Orange Card was that you won a beauty contest when really it was the one that makes you pay for each house you have. You know what I'm talking about!

My birthday is just a week away. I hope you all have decided what lavish presents you're going to buy me.

The playoffs start tomorrow night and the Cubs are in Arizona for Game 1. Go Cubbies!


KBS (Unknown)

When did I comment about Monopoly?

Mike (Unknown)

Looking back I guess never. Maybe I was just thinking back to the time I flipped the board and stormed off.

BU (Unknown)

I commented on Monopoly in your "what's my new hobby" post. Electronic Banking will still have cheating -- This just means you can now have fun coding illegal swipe cards that have a billion dollars in Monopoly money on them.



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