Cubs Lose! | 10/04/07

For the past two nights Chris and I have huddled on my couch late, very late, into the night hoping to see the Cubs win. And what has been our reward for 2:30am nights? Two Cubs losses. Our beloved Cubs are now facing elimination and their only hope lies in Rich Hill and the fact Steve and my parents will be there in person to root him on. If the Cubs lose one more game in the series it will be back to "yeah, but next year...". Honestly, though, the Diamondbacks are playing better baseball and at this point deserve to go on. It's hard to root again a team that's modestly-yet-soundly whomping yours every night and not going nuts about it after the victories.

I have picked out a new desktop but with my upcoming trip, I'm reluctant to order it and risk not being here when it comes in. Dude, I'm getting a Dell. The Compaq was fine and good but it has never really been *great*. I might scrap the current drives in it and keep it around as the "Finale" computer and only keep music stuff on it. Who knows.

My birthday is on Tuesday--a mere four days away. The big 2-8.


Tree (Unknown)

Funny thing about the 12th seeded Cubs: they fattened up their win total beating absolutely crummy teams the past month thanks to the unbalanced schedule, and judging by the last two months, they lost to winning teams and beat sub-.500 teams. I hope nobody is surprised by this, because they'd probably be a 74-win team in any other division. And there is nothing, and I mean nothing... stupidier and more retarded than playoff games starting at 10pm! We have an entire generation who have never seen their team play in the playoffs, unless the parents force-fed their kids coffee and Ho-ho's.

T-Chris (Unknown)

It's true that the D-Backs have been outplaying our beloved Cubs. But the Cubs have also been killing themselves. Two things have surprised me the most in this series: 1) Soriano, Lee, and Soriano are a combined 4-26 (ish), and 2) the two most dependable Cubs pitchers--Lilly and Marmol--have not hit their spots. I mean, c'mon, what was Lilly thinking throwing a fastball to Young with the count at 3-2 and two runners on. By far, the worst pitch he has thrown the entire season.



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