Best of Times, Worst of Times | 10/07/07

Arizona swept the Cubs; ouch. Since the news is now a few days old I won't dwell on it on here. Suffice it to say the game was ugly and the Cubs had no business being in the playoffs. My family was at the game and they said it was really just nine innings of booing. I believe it--when your second and third best hitters go 0/everything and are still getting paid your year's salary every day to do nothing I think you can safely boo them.

FSU scraped their way back into the top ten. I don't understand the polls at all. USC lost to an absolutely awful Stanford team yet only fell to #10? Florida has lost twice, one coming to unranked (at the time) Auburn, and is still #13? Wisconsin, who sucked all season, and finally lost to unranked Illinois is still higher than them? I don't get it. FSU is now #21, right where they started. Once they beat Wake and Miami they should move up. They won't, but they should.

On Saturday Tim came over to give me a clinic in football. He knows a lot more about the mechanics of football than I do and since we had lost so many times to Chris I needed the help. In a sad turn of events, when Chris came over on Sunday, he still pounded me in half the games despite my newfound knowledge. Oh well.

I bought a new computer over the weekend to replace my dead one.

My birthday is on Tuesday. Just a few dozen more hours until I'm a man.


SC (Unknown)

I think you forgot the word "old" in your last sentence.

mike (Unknown)

Ouch. One day you too will be "old".

Mike (Unknown)

Looks like some wishful thinking--FSU made the top 25, not the top 10.

SC (Unknown)

I want State to get its way up there. Maybe a nice Illinois v FSU bowl game. And I don't honestly think you're old.

Mike (Unknown)

Man, FSU would crush Illinois. They can't pass at all and FSU, for all its weakness, still decimates anyone's running game. I know I'm not old. But I'm now a man.

Jamie (Unknown)

It's 6:30am on your birthday! You're 28 and 2 hours old :) I'm sad I'm not there to celebrate with you, but I hope you have a great day!!



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