600 Visitors | 12/11/03

Free at last. Other than to receive my grades my semesterly ties to FSU are over again. For the fifth time. Man, I've been here a long time. Today I woke up sick, stayed sick all day and took some time off to finish my grades. I turned my grades in, Chompy in tow but couldn't find Dr. Shellehammer to drop off my graduate students grade forms. They all got A's. So, if you're one of my grad students reading this, you're A is safe. I had to miss Dr. Clendinning's party tonight, although I did want to go to at least say hi to all the people I never get to see anymore. Instead, though, I had rehearsal with Matt and Jara for our stupid gig on Sunday. Drum set, lead and double seconds does not make for a particularly musical group, through no fault of our own. I personally would rather give split the money up even further and either ask Mike to play bass or move Matt to bass and get another lead player. It wouldn't be so bad if the gig wasn't three hours. I made a quick trip to the dog park and added another six fish to my tank (I said I wouldn't get any more before break but I'm a damn liar). After the DP I went to rehearsal then to Publix to get some feel-good food and now, as my potato soup cools, I am preparing to go to bed. I'm supposed to meet Bryan Richards for lunch tomorrow but I'm not feeling so hot as of right now. Today was our 600th visitor. It was me, unfortunately, because I accidentally clicked on the link.




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