Happy Birthday To Me | 10/09/07

Happy Birthday to me. The big 2-8. The last birthday you're allowed to have before you start worrying about being 30. They say 30 is the new 20, so 20 must be the new 10, making me about 18.

I had to jump ahead a day in the entries to actually have this one fall on my birthday but because I'm only about eight hours into it I'm not really sure what to write about it. Brian wrote a really nice entry about birthdays in Florida and I must be getting old because I didn't remember half of those details. I did, though, remember Chompy was originally named Ginger and about a week into having her Mark Connor gave me the single greatest piece of dog advice I've heard to this day: "Dogs are self-preserving animals; they don't want to die either." So at least I remember one detail although not a birthday one.

I wound up getting myself a bunch of presents because someone had to. They included a new twelve-string guitar and condenser mic and a couple wireless playstation 2 controllers. I guess the new computer is a present but I would have bought that anyway.

More birthday details tomorrow!


T-Chris (Unknown)

Happy birthday, dude. For a present, perhaps I'll let WV roll UT. Maybe.

Mike (Unknown)

I'd rather roll OSU, but that's even beyond the realm of birthday wishes.

KBS (Unknown)

A birthday haiku: Happy Birthday, Mike I hope you have fun today Even though you're old.

SC (Unknown)

Happy birthday Mike

Mike (Unknown)

Thanks! I didn't realize how bad that picture was until I put that birthday hat on myself. I look like a fool.

Jamie (Unknown)

It's a good picture! That's what you look like happy...sitting across from your sweet girlfriend in Key West, apparently eating birthday cake (instead of large mounds of steak and potatoes).

Elena (Unknown)

Happy belated bday!



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