Man Mode | 10/10/07

Hello, my name is Mike and now, at the ripe old age of 28, I am a man. Last night I hung out with Ricky and we sat on my many couches and drank beer (Jamie's Herpes Couch [the couch she had in her office at RH]is still in my living room). I showed him the all-powerful iPhone and he showed me some new sites (like that will make my life better. I like it when my life gets better. Thanks for hanging out with my Ricky! For the first time I can remember on my birthday I didn't unwrap anything. I did get a card from Jamie, and a bubble-wrap package from my parents with a nice 2007 NL Central Champions t-shirt (as well as a generous contribution to the get-mike-a-new-computer fund), and calls and IMs from just about everyone I know. I feel like my grandma; that would rather just see people for my birthday than get anything. With Chris working and Tim far away in T-Ville, I'm doubly happy Ricky had the night free to hang out.

I've been listening to a lot of Beatles lately--it was a real decision about two months ago when I officially was bored of all 3500 songs on my playlist. I decided I was going to expand out and learn all the songs by The Beatles, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. I'm not sure how Nirvana got lumped in there; I've been really unimpressed by a lot of their songs. I have discovered, though, why so many people like The Beatles.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Nice pic. Sammy was always known for his stellar fielding, stone-cold plate discipline, and legendary plate discipline. Who's the other schmuck in the photo wearing the God-awful blue uniform?

sunshine (Unknown)

I thought I posted you a happy birthday comment at about 20 minutes into it(your birthday) but I can't find it so happy birthday. Maybe I typed the thingy wrong. Maybe this one will be wrong too. Maybe I'm just talking to myself and I'm dreaming that I'm commenting. Hm. Just in case this doesn't work... I'm thinking "Happy Birthday" really hard.

Jamie (Unknown)

I get to see you in less than 2 days! Hooray :)

Tree (Unknown)

If you don't live in Chicago, what's the point of being a Cubs fan? The whole thing of the team is the ode to getting drunk and partying at Wrigley. And from what I've heard, Cubs fans should be ashamed of themselves for all of the booing they did and those who left early.



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